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Make-up Opportunity

If you would like to earn back half of the points that you missed on the Unit 0 Test (up to one letter grade higher), here is your chance!  

  • Sign-up and log-in to Khan Academy with your WCPSS Google account.

  • See your WCPSS e-mail for an invite or follow the steps outlined on this page: Join My Class and use the class code below:

      • This is due by the end of the day Monday, Feb. 20th, 2017.

      • Bonus!: The student with the highest point value will get an additional 5 points added to their Unit 0 Test!
      • Double Bonus!: Earn 'Mastery' status (dark blue) on each of the topics in step 1 for 5 bonus points.
      • Triple Bonus!Earn an Earth (+5)(Patron badges don't count), Sun (+10), or Black Hole (+15) Badge.

      • *The maximum test grade that you can end up with is a 99%.*