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Final Exam Review

On this page you will find information about your final exam and some extra materials to practice and view in addition to the materials that you have created in class.

1st Quarter by Cole, Connor, Raphael, Niraj

Unit 6 - Intro to Trig by Libby, Sandra, Josef, and Alice

Unit 7 - Trig Graphing by Justin, Cameron, and Taylor

Unit 7 - Inverses

Unit 7 - Trig Graphing

Unit 8 - Law of Sines & Cosines by Bette, Zoe, Megan, and Sofia

  • PreCalc Unit 8 Review Game

Unit 9 - Trig Identities by Sierra, Kayla, and Angelica

Trig Identities Review

Unit 10 - Vectors by Jason, Chris, and Bransen

Unit 11 - Polar Equations by Alana, Morgan, and Anna