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Khan Academy Directions

How to sign-up in Khan Academy:

  • Change your 'Real Name' and then make Mr. Flory your 'coach' so that he can see your progress:

  • Then click on 'Edit profile' --> 'Edit basic info' and change your 'Real Name' to 'Period#-Last name-First Initial'.  For example: 3-Flory-P would be my 'Real Name' if I was in 3rd period and my name was Peter Flory.

  • Then, click on the 'Coaches' tab at the top of your screen under the search box.
  • Type in your class code in the 'Add a Coach' text field:
    • 1st period Pre-Calc: PH3FBQ
    • 3rd period Math 1B: CBEJET
    • 4th period Pre-Calc: GW2EXW

  • Click on the Practice link at the top of the page and search or click on the appropriate topic to practice.