Introductory Mathematics provides students a survey of preparatory topics for high school mathematics, including the foundations for high school algebra and geometry. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators, will be used regularly for instruction and assessment.  It is designed to prepare students for success in Math I. The elective credit course includes studies of functions, equations and inequalities, statistics and much more. This course has a teacher-made final exam. We will be following the standard course of study found at  For each session of classroom instruction, the student is expected to spend thirty minutes outside of class on assignments, review, and preparation.

  • Unit 1: Expressions and Equations
  • Unit 2: Solving Equations
  • Unit 3: Functions
  • Unit 4: Scatterplots
  • Unit 5: Polynomials
  • Unit 6: Systems of Equations
  • Unit 7: Statistics

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