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Retests and Remediation:

In order to qualify to take a retest, you will need to 'master' the following topics on Khan Academy:
To master a topic, you need to get green stars on all of the skills on the left sidebar under that topic.  If you click on the number of badges beside your profile name at the top of the window, then click on challenge patches, it will show any badges you've earned for topics mastered.  

Topics need to be mastered before you plan on retesting.  Retesting is being offered only on Wednesdays & Thursdays during lunch through the end of the quarter, which is Oct. 30th (unless you make other arrangements with me personally).  The unit retest will completely replace the previous test grade for that unit.  This is a once in a lifetime offer!  Take advantage of it!  Make sure that you give yourself enough time to master each topic.  Remember, you can always ask me questions, go back and watch videos from unit 1 and 2, study your notes or textbook, or watch the Khan Academy videos for more help on a specific subject.

Unit 3 Flashcards:

Unit 2 Flashcards:

How to sign-up in Khan Academy:

  • Change your 'Real Name' and then make Mr. Flory your 'coach' so that he can see your progress:

  • Then click on 'Edit profile' --> 'Edit basic info' and change your 'Real Name' to 'Period#-Last name-First Initial'.  For example: 3-Flory-P would be my 'Real Name' if I was in 3rd period and my name was Peter Flory.

  • Click on the Practice link at the top of the page
    • For practice on Unit 1, search for 'Basic Geometry' & 'Segments and Angles'
    • For practice on Unit 2, search for 'Logical Reasoning'
    • For practice on Unit 3, search for 'Segments and Angles', 'Parallel & Perpendicular Lines', and 'Angles of Polygons'