Extra Help!

Mr. Flory is available for extra help during:
  • Wednesdays during A-Lunch & Thursdays during B-Lunch (tutorial)
  • Before school for quick questions
  • After school by appointment

Here is a list of online resources that you may find helpful:
  • Khan Academy - Thousands of searchable instructional videos and practice sets with instant feedback and help.
    • You can join your class by following these directions to add a coach and entering the appropriate class code below:
      • Class code:       
        • 1st & 3rd period PreCalc:  SWPGWQ
        • 2nd period APCalcBC:  ZPZR25  
  • Study Island - Lots of practice quizzes, tests, and games. See Mr. Flory if you lost your log-in info.
  • WCPSS Study Series - Hasn't been updated for Common Core or Pre-Calculus, but has some good video resources created by WCPSS teachers.
  • Desmos - Great free online graphing calculator
  • Wake Co. Tutor List - Collection of current and retired WCPSS math teachers who make themselves available for private tutoring. You may contact any teachers NOT from Athens Drive HS, and you make time and cost arrangements with them individually.