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Unit 2 Point Recovery

If you would like to earn back half of the points that you missed on the Unit 2 Test, here is your chance!  
  • If you have not already followed the directions here to sign up for Khan Academy and sign in to our class, do so now.
  • Log-in to Khan Academy.
  • Join our class by entering the code below on the "Coaches" tab of your profile page:
    • Make sure you sign in to your account with your Google account 1st!

    • Class codes: 
          • 1st period CCM2: HGZNKN
          • 4th period CCM2: ASQNUS

        • * If you need help on any of the topics:
          • Click on the hint button.
          • Watch the video in the lower right corner of that topic's screen.
          • Ask me about it!
      • Step 2:
        • After you have practiced each topic above, go back to your 'Learning Dashboard' and click on 'Mastery Challenge'. This will give you random problems from the topics you have practiced and allow you to level them up.  You may have to take several Mastery Challenges to level up 10 of the topics above
          • Note: Khan Academy makes you wait 16 hours after you have practiced a topic before you can level it up!  In other words, you cannot do this assignment all in one sitting; it must be done over the course of several days.

  • If you would like even more bonus points, once you have completed the steps above, try these challenges:
  • Bonus!: The student with the highest total point value by 2:18pm on Thursday, March 27th,  will get an additional 5 points added to their Unit 2 Test!
  • Double Bonus!: Earn 'Mastery' status (dark blue) on each of the topics in step 1 for 5 bonus points.
  • Triple Bonus!Earn an Earth (+5)(Patron badges don't count), Sun (+10), or Black Hole (+15) Badge.
  • Ludicrous Bonus!: Top Mr. Flory's score for 10 additional bonus points!